Editor's Summary

20 May 2010

A genome in 3D

The three-dimensional configuration of chromosomes in the nucleus of budding yeast has been determined from a kilobase-resolution map of intra- and inter-chromosomal interactions identified by high-throughput chromosome conformation capture. The genome resembles a water lily in overall shape, with 32 chromosome arms jutting out from a base of clustered centromeres at one pole of the nucleus. The 3D map, a snapshot that ignores the dynamic nature of chromosomes, provides a first glimpse into the architecture of a eukaryotic genome at high resolution, highlighting the three-dimensional complexity of the genome of even this simple organism. Further work should unveil the general organizing principles by which the DNA sequence specifies this structure.

LetterA three-dimensional model of the yeast genome

Zhijun Duan, Mirela Andronescu, Kevin Schutz, Sean McIlwain, Yoo Jung Kim, Choli Lee, Jay Shendure, Stanley Fields, C. Anthony Blau & William S. Noble