FIGURE 3. Timing of events.

From the following article:

Common ecology quantifies human insurgency

Juan Camilo Bohorquez, Sean Gourley, Alexander R. Dixon, Michael Spagat & Neil F. Johnson

Nature 462, 911-914(17 December 2009)



A time series with n = 0, 1, 2, events per day. Green circles show distribution p(n) for the number of days with n events in actual conflict. Dashed lines represent average values for random wars. Solid lines denote average distributions calculated from 10,000 realizations of our model (Fig. 4). Histograms below represent differences Δ(n) between real and random wars, in units of standard deviations from the mean. Error bars for random wars, namely one standard deviation from the mean of 10,000 shufflings, are shown but are small. Error bars for model wars demonstrate a small spread in run outcomes.

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