Editor's Summary

9 October 2008

Systems biology: from hype to delivery

The hype that greeted the development of systems biology was followed by inevitable disappointment. But in reality, much groundwork has been done and tangible progress is expected. In a Commentary this week, Adriano Henney and Giulio Superti-Furga broaden a debate that began at a recent workshop in Portofino, Italy, on the application of systems biology to drug discovery by inviting Nature readers to contribute their ideas. Portofino delegates drew up 'roadmaps' for three areas — metabolic disorders, cancer, and inflammation and infectious diseases — and are developing them as live documents to monitor progress. To comment on the article and related documents, visit the Nature Network forum on http://network.nature.com/forums.

CommentaryA network solution

With the right plan, systems biology can empower drug discovery, say Adriano Henney and Giulio Superti-Furga. Field leaders have contributed and now the authors want to hear from you.