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The Trichoplax genome and the nature of placozoans

Mansi Srivastava, Emina Begovic, Jarrod Chapman, Nicholas H. Putnam, Uffe Hellsten, Takeshi Kawashima, Alan Kuo, Therese Mitros, Asaf Salamov, Meredith L. Carpenter, Ana Y. Signorovitch, Maria A. Moreno, Kai Kamm, Jane Grimwood, Jeremy Schmutz, Harris Shapiro, Igor V. Grigoriev, Leo W. Buss, Bernd Schierwater, Stephen L. Dellaporta & Daniel S. Rokhsar

Nature 454, 955-960(21 August 2008)



Table 1. Developmental transcription factors in the Trichoplax genome.

Transcription factor familyGene number in TrichoplaxSubfamilies represented

The subfamily memberships of genes listed here were determined by phylogenetic analyses using neighbour-joining and parsimony with bootstrap methods for all families of transcription factors except bZip and C2H2 zinc fingers. These two groups were characterized by BLAST.

ANTP-class14Trox-2 (Hox/ParaHox-like)28, Not31, Dlx30, Mnx30, Hmx30, Hex, Dbx, seven others
PRD-class (paired box and homeobox)9PaxB29, Pitx, Otp, Gsc, five others
POU-class(POU domain and homeobox)2POU class 4 (Brn-3), one other
LIM-class (LIM domain and homeobox)4islet, apterous, Lhx1/5, one other
SIX-class (sine oculis homeobox)2Six3/6, one other
TALE-class3Pbx/Exd, Irx, Meis
Group A6Ptf, five others
Group B10Srebp, Myc, Max, BigMax,Usf, Ap4, four others
Group C4Ahr, Arnt, two Hif/Sim
Group D2Two Hes/Hey
Atonal group5Five unclassified
Zinc finger56 
GATA2Gata-1/2/3, Gata-4/5/6
Nuclear receptor4Hnf4, retinoid X receptor, Nr2, one other
C2H250Zic, three SP family, five Klf family, snail, scratch, Ovo, Egr, Dpf, Gfi, MizF, Fez, Zfp277, Zfp143, Wt1, AE binding protein, twenty-nine others
Sox (SRY-related HMG-box)6Sox8/10/E, Sox2/3, three other Sox, Tcf/Lef
Fox (forkhead/winged-helix)18FoxA, B, D, F, J, K, O, Q, two FoxN, two FoxG, six others
T-box5brachyury33, Tbx2/3, three others
bZip15Atf2, Atf6, Creb, Crem, Jun, Hlf, MafB, nfIL3, seven others
ETS7Ets, Pea3, five others