Editor's Summary

12 June 2008

Anderson localization of matter waves in a Bose-Einstein condensate

Anderson localization of waves in disordered media was originally predicted fifty years ago, in the context of transport of electrons in crystals. The phenomenon is much more general and has been observed in a variety of systems, but never directly for matter waves. The authors use a non-interacting Bose–Einstein condensate of ultracold atoms to study Anderson localization. The effect is clearly demonstrated through investigations of the transport properties and spatial and momentum distributions. The highly controllable nature of the system may render it useful for investigations of the interplay between disorder and interaction, and to uncover exotic quantum phases.

LetterAnderson localization of a non-interacting Bose–Einstein condensate

Giacomo Roati, Chiara D'Errico, Leonardo Fallani, Marco Fattori, Chiara Fort, Matteo Zaccanti, Giovanni Modugno, Michele Modugno & Massimo Inguscio