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New sources of sex cells p913

Within the next decade or so, it will become possible to derive sperm and eggs from skin cells. The ethical and technical hurdles need to be addressed with the scientific and therapeutic benefits in mind.


The big ome p913

It's time to make the case for proteins.


Superconductors redux p914

Yet another surprise has been uncovered in the complex oxides.



Research Highlights

Research highlights p916



Journal Club

Journal club p917

Vijay Kuchroo




Data show extent of sexism in physics p918

Experiment at Fermilab gave women fewer opportunities to present at conferences.

Geoff Brumfiel


Italian group claims to see dark matter — again p918

Gran Sasso detector picks up unusual signal.

Geoff Brumfiel


Swiss 'dignity' law is threat to plant biology p919

Government ethics committee guidelines could halt techniques such as hybridization of roses.

Alison Abbott


Biologists initiate plan to map human proteome p920

Project aims to characterize all human proteins.

Helen Pearson


Buckyballs give flash a boost p921

Eric Hand


Arsenic heats up iron superconductors p922

Eric Hand


Politically correct names given to flu viruses p923

World Health Organization standardizes nomenclature, but experts say GPS sample locations should be given.

Declan Butler


Sidelines p923

Scribbles on the margins of science.


Fake drugs: lessons for the world p924

Dora Akunyili is director-general of Nigeria's National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Since her appointment in 2001, she has led a successful crusade against counterfeit pharmaceuticals, which are responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year. Nature caught up with her last week in Washington DC.

Meredith Wadman


Bubble-fusion engineer sues other scientists p925


US biodefence agency appoints first director p925


Research assessment panel advised to destroy all notes p925


GlaxoSmithKline does deal to develop microRNA drugs p925


UN ruling makes Australia an even bigger country p925


Botanical art gallery opens in London p925



News Features

Biomedical science: Betting the bank p926

Lyle Palmer has plans for a "ludicrously ambitious" gene–disease research project. Bijal Trivedi reports on the trials at Joondalup.


Atmospheric physics: Heating up the heavens p930

Battling rumours of death beams and mind control, an ionosphere research facility in Alaska finally brings science to the fore. Sharon Weinberger reports.




Media right to report small value of antidepressants p934

Olavo B. Amaral


Tropical farmers need productive alternatives p934

Thomas Knoke, Bernd Stimm & Michael Weber


Researchers should explain why they use animals p934


Truth about a plant with many names p934

Marko Kreft & Robert Zorec




Europe's research system must change p935

Science funding in the European Union needs to be revised to better serve economic, social and environmental goals, Luke Georghiou argues.


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Books and Arts

Orange revolution p937

Stories of seventeeth-century scientists and aristocrats show how Dutch ingenuity benefited England.

Harold Cook reviews Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory by Lisa Jardine.


Biased brains, messy memories p938

Sandra Aamodt reviews Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary Marcus and A Portrait of the Brain by Adam Zeman.


Technological twist on taxonomy p939

Kevin Kelly reviews Systematics as Cyberscience: Computers, Change, and Continuity in Science by Christine Hine.


Hidden treasures: the Cajal collection in Madrid p940

The perceptive drawings, paintings, photographs and slides of Spain's neuroanatomy pioneer record a tale of ambition and rivalry, reports Alison Abbott.



News and Views

Metabolism: Food alert p941

The gut prevents nutrient overload during a meal by promoting satiety and enhancing insulin secretion. New findings show that nutrients in the gut also activate a neural circuit that increases insulin sensitivity.

Joshua P. Thaler & David E. Cummings


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Optics: Light reined in p942

Light always travels at the same speed in a vacuum, no more, no less. But in materials, there's room for manoeuvre: tweak the right material in the right way, and exciting optoelectronic properties result.

Diederik Sybolt Wiersma


50 & 100 Years Ago p943


Neuroscience: Current views on odour receptors p944

Insects possess refined olfactory systems that use specific receptors on their antennae. It emerges that these receptors not only detect odour molecules but, unexpectedly, can also act as ion channels.

Alexander Chesler & Stuart Firestein


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Oceanography: Bottom of the top of the world p945

Tim Lincoln


Astrophysics: Exhaust inspection p945

What do you see if you peer into the exhaust of a jet engine larger than our Solar System? Only astronomers with the largest radio telescopes can see the full picture — and definitive observations are beginning to filter through.

David L. Meier


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Gene transcription: Two worlds merged p946

Why would two distant genes — on separate chromosomes and from different nuclear locations — unite in response to signals for gene expression? They might be seeds for the formation of transcriptional hubs.

David M. Lonard & Bert W. O'Malley


Plant biology: Scent of a rose p947

Sadaf Shadan




The genome of the model beetle and pest Tribolium castaneum p949

Tribolium Genome Sequencing Consortium


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Lateral presynaptic inhibition mediates gain control in an olfactory circuit p956

Shawn R. Olsen & Rachel I. Wilson


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Crystal structures of DNA/RNA repair enzymes AlkB and ABH2 bound to dsDNA p961

Cai-Guang Yang, Chengqi Yi, Erica M. Duguid, Christopher T. Sullivan, Xing Jian, Phoebe A. Rice & Chuan He




The inner jet of an active galactic nucleus as revealed by a radio-to-bold gamma-ray outburst p966

Alan P. Marscher, Svetlana G. Jorstad, Francesca D. D'Arcangelo, Paul S. Smith, G. Grant Williams, Valeri M. Larionov, Haruki Oh, Alice R. Olmstead, Margo F. Aller, Hugh D. Aller, Ian M. McHardy, Anne Lähteenmäki, Merja Tornikoski, Esko Valtaoja, Vladimir A. Hagen-Thorn, Eugenia N. Kopatskaya, Walter K. Gear, Gino Tosti, Omar Kurtanidze, Maria Nikolashvili, Lorand Sigua, H. Richard Miller & Wesley T. Ryle


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Meier

A topological Dirac insulator in a quantum spin Hall phase p970

D. Hsieh, D. Qian, L. Wray, Y. Xia, Y. S. Hor, R. J. Cava & M. Z. Hasan


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Small phonon contribution to the photoemission kink in the copper oxide superconductors p975

Feliciano Giustino, Marvin L. Cohen & Steven G. Louie


Eocene/Oligocene ocean de-acidification linked to Antarctic glaciation by sea-level fall p979

Agostino Merico, Toby Tyrrell & Paul A. Wilson


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Hydrous silicate melt at high pressure p983

Mainak Mookherjee, Lars Stixrude & Bijaya Karki


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Mountain pine beetle and forest carbon feedback to climate change p987

W. A. Kurz, C. C. Dymond, G. Stinson, G. J. Rampley, E. T. Neilson, A. L. Carroll, T. Ebata & L. Safranyik


See also: Editor's summary

The draft genome of the transgenic tropical fruit tree papaya (Carica papaya Linnaeus) p991

Ray Ming, Shaobin Hou, Yun Feng, Qingyi Yu, Alexandre Dionne-Laporte, Jimmy H. Saw, Pavel Senin, Wei Wang, Benjamin V. Ly, Kanako L. T. Lewis, Steven L. Salzberg, Lu Feng, Meghan R. Jones, Rachel L. Skelton, Jan E. Murray, Cuixia Chen, Wubin Qian, Junguo Shen, Peng Du, Moriah Eustice, Eric Tong, Haibao Tang, Eric Lyons, Robert E. Paull, Todd P. Michael, Kerr Wall, Danny W. Rice, Henrik Albert, Ming-Li Wang, Yun J. Zhu, Michael Schatz, Niranjan Nagarajan, Ricelle A. Acob, Peizhu Guan, Andrea Blas, Ching Man Wai, Christine M. Ackerman, Yan Ren, Chao Liu, Jianmei Wang, Jianping Wang, Jong-Kuk Na, Eugene V. Shakirov, Brian Haas, Jyothi Thimmapuram, David Nelson, Xiyin Wang, John E. Bowers, Andrea R. Gschwend, Arthur L. Delcher, Ratnesh Singh, Jon Y. Suzuki, Savarni Tripathi, Kabi Neupane, Hairong Wei, Beth Irikura, Maya Paidi, Ning Jiang, Wenli Zhang, Gernot Presting, Aaron Windsor, Rafael Navajas-Pérez, Manuel J. Torres, F. Alex Feltus, Brad Porter, Yingjun Li, A. Max Burroughs, Ming-Cheng Luo, Lei Liu, David A. Christopher, Stephen M. Mount, Paul H. Moore, Tak Sugimura, Jiming Jiang, Mary A. Schuler, Vikki Friedman, Thomas Mitchell-Olds, Dorothy E. Shippen, Claude W. dePamphilis, Jeffrey D. Palmer, Michael Freeling, Andrew H. Paterson, Dennis Gonsalves, Lei Wang & Maqsudul Alam


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Genetic variation in human NPY expression affects stress response and emotion p997

Zhifeng Zhou, Guanshan Zhu, Ahmad R. Hariri, Mary-Anne Enoch, David Scott, Rajita Sinha, Matti Virkkunen, Deborah C. Mash, Robert H. Lipsky, Xian-Zhang Hu, Colin A. Hodgkinson, Ke Xu, Beata Buzas, Qiaoping Yuan, Pei-Hong Shen, Robert E. Ferrell, Stephen B. Manuck, Sarah M. Brown, Richard L. Hauger, Christian S. Stohler, Jon-Kar Zubieta & David Goldman


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Insect olfactory receptors are heteromeric ligand-gated ion channels p1002

Koji Sato, Maurizio Pellegrino, Takao Nakagawa, Tatsuro Nakagawa, Leslie B. Vosshall & Kazushige Touhara


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Chesler & Firestein

Drosophila odorant receptors are both ligand-gated and cyclic-nucleotide-activated cation channels p1007

Dieter Wicher, Ronny Schäfer, René Bauernfeind, Marcus C. Stensmyr, Regine Heller, Stefan H. Heinemann & Bill S. Hansson


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Chesler & Firestein

Upper intestinal lipids trigger a gut–brain–liver axis to regulate glucose production p1012

Penny Y. T. Wang, Liora Caspi, Carol K. L. Lam, Madhu Chari, Xiaosong Li, Peter E. Light, Roger Gutierrez-Juarez, Michelle Ang, Gary J. Schwartz & Tony K. T. Lam


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Thaler & Cummings

A deadenylation negative feedback mechanism governs meiotic metaphase arrest p1017

Eulàlia Belloc & Raúl Méndez


Crystal structure of the lambda repressor and a model for pairwise cooperative operator binding p1022

Steven Stayrook, Peera Jaru-Ampornpan, Jenny Ni, Ann Hochschild & Mitchell Lewis





Prospects p1027

Even as science and engineering in China ascends, its graduate students and postdocs often struggle.

Gene Russo


Special Report

China's challenge p1028

Young researchers in China face stiff competition as they strive to establish labs or find other scientific careers. Wei Zeng explores what it takes to succeed as a Chinese scientist.

Wei Zeng


Career View

Marja Makarow, chief executive, European Science Foundation, Strasbourg, France p1030

New European Science Foundation chief executive brings varied experience.

Jill U. Adams


A guiding COMPASS p1030

From a student's struggles, a new mentor programme for minority students blossoms.

Betty Mbom


In the name of science p1030

I sacrifice an awful lot in the name of science.

Aliza le Roux




SETI for profit p1032

A capital idea.

Gregory Benford


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