Editor's Summary

24 January 2008

Gibberellins' light touch

Many developmental processes in plants are regulated jointly by light and by the gibberellins, yet the molecular basis of cross-talk between the two is not fully understood. Two groups now report results that reveal a signalling cascade that contributes to coordinated plant growth regulation by light and gibberellins. In the absence of gibberellins, DELLA proteins inhibit the binding of the transcription factor PIF3 (a phytochrome-interacting protein) to gene promoters. Gibberellins trigger the degradation of DELLA proteins, thereby allowing PIFs to bind to their target promoters and regulate gene expression. Light acts via a photoreceptor to destabilize PIF4. Thus the DELLA proteins, and competitive interactions between members of the PIF family, appear to key components linking light to the gibberellins.

LetterCoordinated regulation of Arabidopsisthaliana development by light and gibberellins

Suhua Feng, Cristina Martinez, Giuliana Gusmaroli, Yu Wang, Junli Zhou, Feng Wang, Liying Chen, Lu Yu, Juan M. Iglesias-Pedraz, Stefan Kircher, Eberhard Schäfer, Xiangdong Fu, Liu-Min Fan & Xing Wang Deng


LetterA molecular framework for light and gibberellin control of cell elongation

Miguel de Lucas, Jean-Michel Davière, Mariana Rodríguez-Falcón, Mariela Pontin, Juan Manuel Iglesias-Pedraz, Séverine Lorrain, Christian Fankhauser, Miguel Angel Blázquez, Elena Titarenko & Salomé Prat