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Reconstructing the early evolution of Fungi using a six-gene phylogeny

Timothy Y. James, Frank Kauff, Conrad L. Schoch, P. Brandon Matheny, Valérie Hofstetter, Cymon J. Cox, Gail Celio, Cécile Gueidan, Emily Fraker, Jolanta Miadlikowska, H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Alexandra Rauhut, Valérie Reeb, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Anja Amtoft, Jason E. Stajich, Kentaro Hosaka, Gi-Ho Sung, Desiree Johnson, Ben O'Rourke, Michael Crockett, Manfred Binder, Judd M. Curtis, Jason C. Slot, Zheng Wang, Andrew W. Wilson, Arthur Schüs zligler, Joyce E. Longcore, Kerry O'Donnell, Sharon Mozley-Standridge, David Porter, Peter M. Letcher, Martha J. Powell, John W. Taylor, Merlin M. White, Gareth W. Griffith, David R. Davies, Richard A. Humber, Joseph B. Morton, Junta Sugiyama, Amy Y. Rossman, Jack D. Rogers, Don H. Pfister, David Hewitt, Karen Hansen, Sarah Hambleton, Robert A. Shoemaker, Jan Kohlmeyer, Brigitte Volkmann-Kohlmeyer, Robert A. Spotts, Maryna Serdani, Pedro W. Crous, Karen W. Hughes, Kenji Matsuura, Ewald Langer, Gitta Langer, Wendy A. Untereiner, Robert Lücking, Burkhard Büdel, David M. Geiser, André Aptroot, Paul Diederich, Imke Schmitt, Matthias Schultz, Rebecca Yahr, David S. Hibbett, François Lutzoni, David J. McLaughlin, Joseph W. Spatafora & Rytas Vilgalys

Nature 443, 818-822(19 October 2006)



Supplementary Notes 1

A table of the strains and species used and the sources and GenBank numbers for the gene sequences used in this study.

Supplementary Notes 2

These file shows the results of a Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of the six gene super-matrix using only nucleotide data. Note: Figure 1 of the manuscript shows a phylogeny based on a heterogeneous nucleotide-amino acid model, whereas this phylogeny uses nucleotides divided into genes and codons.

Supplementary Notes 3

This file contains the results of analysis of individual gene partitions (and relevant combinations) and the Bayesian posterior probabilities and maximum likelihood bootstrap support for nodes of interest.

Supplementary Notes 4

This file contains a phylogeny of a paralogous copy of elongation factor 1-α (EFL). It shows the species of basal fungi from which this gene copy has been sequenced, and demonstrates a relationship between Basidiobolus and the Entomophthorales.

Supplementary Notes 5

This file contains the methods and results from tests of long branch attraction between Rozella allomycis and microsporidia.



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