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Going by the book p255

In Italy's election campaign, opposition parties have pledged research reform — but nothing will change until agency chiefs start playing by the rules.


Dreams of flu data p255

The lack of an accessible store of information is undermining the fight against avian flu.


The right chemistry p256

Nature celebrates a discipline's unheralded achievements.



Research Highlights

Research highlights p258




Comet chasers get mineral shock p260

Stardust mission yields unexpected bounty.

Mark Peplow


Signs of warm water on Saturn's moon p261

Cassini probe reveals conditions that might support life on Enceladus.

Mark Peplow


Sidelines p262


Consumer products leap aboard the nano bandwagon p262

Number of products boasting small science doubles.

Geoff Brumfiel


Huge Biobank project launches despite critics p263

Half a million British subjects to be monitored in sickness and in health.

Jim Giles


Saving Italian science p264

As the general election looms, candidate prime minister Romano Prodi strives to convince Italy's discontented scientists that he can turn things around. Alison Abbott reports.

Alison Abbott


News in brief p267



News Features

Particle physics: Let the games begin p268

A series of mental challenges is helping physicists to prepare for the strange data they may get when the next particle accelerator goes live. Jenny Hogan joins the work-out.


See also: Editor's summary

Drug trials: Stacking the deck p270

Studies of medical literature are confirming what many suspected — reporters of clinical trials do not always play straight. Jim Giles talks to those pushing for a fairer deal.


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Political chemistry: Make a strong bond p274

Alison Abbott talks to the man who wants theoretical chemistry to ease political strife in the Middle East.




Make or break time in Vioxx drama p277

Cases involving long-term users of Vioxx will, as Meredith Wadman reports, determine the true cost to Merck and the drug industry of the painkiller's withdrawal.




Wiki ware could harness the Internet for science p278

Kevin Yager


Lyme vaccine demonized by advocacy groups p278

Edward McSweegan


Lyme vaccine: studies have raised genuine concerns p278

Carl Brenner


Reprocessing method could allay weapons fear p278

Gerald E. Marsh and George S. Stanford



Books and Arts

The world at your fingertips p279

The rise of the Internet search engine Google as guardian, gate-keeper and guide to a wealth of information.

Jon Kleinberg reviews The Search: How Google and its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture by John Battelle and The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media and Technology Success of Our Time by David Vise and Mark Malseed


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The bright side of life p280

Thomas G. Oertner reviews Aglow in the Dark: The Revolutionary Science of Biofluorescence by Vincent Pieribone and David F. Gruber


Journey to the end of the Earth p281

Lloyd Peck reviews Terra Antarctica: Looking Into the Emptiest Continent by William L. Fox



News and Views

Nanostructures: The manifold faces of DNA p283

When it comes to making shapes out of DNA, the material is there, and its properties are understood. What was missing was a convincing, universal design scheme to allow our capabilities to unfold to the full.

Lloyd M. Smith


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Alzheimer's disease: A needle from the haystack p284

Abnormal protein clumps of many varieties build up in the brains of individuals with Alzheimer's disease. But which types actually cause memory deficits? The behaviour of model mice might help to find out.

Richard Morris and Lennart Mucke


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Chemical biology: A pocketful of colour p285

Joshua Finkelstein


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50 & 100 years ago p286


Photochemistry: Lighting up nanomachines p286

A cleverly engineered molecule uses light to generate a charge-separated state and so cause one of its components to move. It's the latest study of a molecular machine that exploits nature's most plentiful energy source.

Euan R. Kay and David A. Leigh


Palaeontology: Scales, feathers and dinosaurs p287

A fossil dinosaur that 'nests' with feathered relations in the dinosaur phylogenetic tree did not, it seems, have feathers. The discovery will encourage a re-evaluation of feather evolution.

Xing Xu


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Analytical chemistry: Forever blowing bubbles p289

Magdalena Helmer


Quantum physics: A ménage à trois laid bare p289

Quantum bodies that can't settle down together in pairs get on fine in a cosy threesome. This startling claim about the private life of particles has just seen its first experimental confirmation.

Brett D. Esry and Chris H. Greene


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Obituary: Pierre Potier (1934–2006) p291

Pharmacist and natural-products chemist, who devised widely used treatments for cancer.

François Chast



News and Views Feature

Dinosaur Locomotion: Beyond the bones p292

How did dinosaurs stand and move? Computer simulation and other methods have told us much about how dinosaurs did and did not move, but they have not yet reached their full potential.

John R. Hutchinson and Stephen M. Gatesy


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Brief Communications

Photocatalyst releasing hydrogen from water p295

Enhancing catalytic performance holds promise for hydrogen production by water splitting in sunlight.

Kazuhiko Maeda, Kentaro Teramura, Daling Lu, Tsuyoshi Takata, Nobuo Saito, Yasunobu Inoue and Kazunari Domen



Brief Communications Arising

Geophysics: Hot fluids or rock in eclogite metamorphism? pE4

M. G. Bjørnerud and H. Austrheim


Geophysics: Hot fluids or rock in eclogite metamorphism? (Reply) pE4

Alfredo Camacho, James K. W, Bastiaan-J. Hensen and Jean Braun




Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns p297

Paul W. K. Rothemund


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Smith

Robust Salmonella metabolism limits possibilities for new antimicrobials p303

Daniel Becker, Matthias Selbach, Claudia Rollenhagen, Matthias Ballmaier, Thomas F. Meyer, Matthias Mann and Dirk Bumann


See also: Editor's summary



A magnetic torsional wave near the Galactic Centre traced by a 'double helix' nebula p308

Mark Morris, Keven Uchida and Tuan Do


See also: Editor's summary

Discovery of two young brown dwarfs in an eclipsing binary system p311

Keivan G. Stassun, Robert D. Mathieu and Jeff A. Valenti


See also: Editor's summary

Evidence for Efimov quantum states in an ultracold gas of caesium atoms p315

T. Kraemer, M. Mark, P. Waldburger, J. G. Danzl, C. Chin, B. Engeser, A. D. Lange, K. Pilch, A. Jaakkola, H.-C. Nägerl and R. Grimm


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Esry & Greene

Visualizing dislocation nucleation by indenting colloidal crystals p319

Peter Schall, Itai Cohen, David A. Weitz and Frans Spaepen


A mechanism to thin the continental lithosphere at magma-poor margins p324

Luc L. Lavier and Gianreto Manatschal


A new carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Solnhofen archipelago p329

Ursula B. Göhlich and Luis M. Chiappe


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Xu

Ultrasonic communication in frogs p333

Albert S. Feng, Peter M. Narins, Chun-He Xu, Wen-Yu Lin, Zu-Lin Yu, Qiang Qiu, Zhi-Min Xu and Jun-Xian Shen


See also: Editor's summary

Prioritizing global conservation efforts p337

Kerrie A. Wilson, Marissa F. McBride, Michael Bode and Hugh P. Possingham


Multiple rounds of speciation associated with reciprocal gene loss in polyploid yeasts p341

Devin R. Scannell, Kevin P. Byrne, Jonathan L. Gordon, Simon Wong and Kenneth H. Wolfe


The finished DNA sequence of human chromosome 12 p346

Steven E. Scherer, Donna M. Muzny, Christian J. Buhay, Rui Chen, Andrew Cree, Yan Ding, Shannon Dugan-Rocha, Rachel Gill, Preethi Gunaratne, R. Alan Harris, Alicia C. Hawes, Judith Hernandez, Anne V. Hodgson, Jennifer Hume, Andrew Jackson, Ziad Mohid Khan, Christie Kovar-Smith, Lora R. Lewis, Ryan J. Lozado, Michael L. Metzker, Aleksandar Milosavljevic, George R. Miner, Kate T. Montgomery, Margaret B. Morgan, Lynne V. Nazareth, Graham Scott, Erica Sodergren, Xing-Zhi Song, David Steffen, Ruth C. Lovering, David A. Wheeler, Kim C. Worley, Yi Yuan, Zhengdong Zhang, Charles Q. Adams, M. Ali Ansari-Lari, Mulu Ayele, Mary J. Brown, Guan Chen, Zhijian Chen, Kerstin P. Clerc-Blankenburg, Clay Davis, Oliver Delgado, Huyen H. Dinh, Heather Draper, Manuel L. Gonzalez-Garay, Paul Havlak, Laronda R. Jackson, Leni S. Jacob, Susan H. Kelly, Li Li, Zhangwan Li, Jing Liu, Wen Liu, Jing Lu, Manjula Maheshwari, Bao-Viet Nguyen, Geoffrey O. Okwuonu, Shiran Pasternak, Lesette M. Perez, Farah J. H. Plopper, Jireh Santibanez, Hua Shen, Paul E. Tabor, Daniel Verduzco, Lenee Waldron, Qiaoyan Wang, Gabrielle A. Williams, JingKun Zhang, Jianling Zhou, The Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center Sequence Production Team, David Nelson, Raju Kucherlapati, George Weinstock and Richard A. Gibbs


See also: Editor's summary

A specific amyloid-beta protein assembly in the brain impairs memory p352

Sylvain Lesné, Ming Teng Koh, Linda Kotilinek, Rakez Kayed, Charles G. Glabe, Austin Yang, Michela Gallagher and Karen H. Ashe


See also: Editor's summary | News and Views by Morris & Mucke

Stochastic protein expression in individual cells at the single molecule level p358

Long Cai, Nir Friedman and X. Sunney Xie


See also: Editor's summary

The PerR transcription factor senses H2O2 by metal-catalysed histidine oxidation p363

Jin-Won Lee and John D. Helmann


Crystal structure of the non-haem iron halogenase SyrB2 in syringomycin biosynthesis p368

Leah C. Blasiak, Frédéric H. Vaillancourt, Christopher T. Walsh and Catherine L. Drennan


Structural basis for the spectral difference in luciferase bioluminescence p372

Toru Nakatsu, Susumu Ichiyama, Jun Hiratake, Adrian Saldanha, Nobuyuki Kobashi, Kanzo Sakata and Hiroaki Kato


See also: Editor's summary




Bench partners p377

Technicians' roles deserve a closer look.

Paul Smaglik


Special Report

Chemistry's evolution p378

Industry's need to reduce waste and deal with the environmental concerns of consumers is creating demand for cleaner catalysis, says Virginia Gewin.

Virginia Gewin


Career Views

Andrew Chien, director of research and vice-president of corporate technology group Intel, based in Hillsboro, Oregon p380

Academic computer scientist moves to Intel.

Virginia Gewin


What's holding you back p380

Beating those psychological barriers.

Michael Alvarez


Graduate Journal: Master of multitasking p380

Have you got grad skills?

Milan de Vries




Product development p382

Switch off, tune out, and clean up.

Nancy Kress


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