FIGURE 1. PCP signalling is required for zebrafish neural tube formation.

From the following article:

Planar cell polarity signalling couples cell division and morphogenesis during neurulation

Brian Ciruna, Andreas Jenny, Diana Lee, Marek Mlodzik & Alexander F. Schier

Nature 439, 220-224(12 January 2006)



ah, Confocal micrographs of transverse sections through rhodamine-phalloidin-stained embryos, comparing WT and MZtri neural tube morphogenesis at five-somite/neural plate (a, b), ten-somite/neural keel (c, d), 15-somite/neural rod (e, f) and 20-somite/neural tube (g, h) stages. The neural anlage is outlined in all images. i, j, Sections through mGFP-injected 20-somite-stage embryos showing ectopic cell accumulations within the developing neural tube of MZslb;MZppt embryos (i), and severe disorganization of the neural anlage in MZslb;MZppt embryos that had been injected with 6 ng of Wnt4 morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (j). km, Rhodamine-phalloidin-stained sections through 20-somite-stage MZtri embryos cultured overnight either in 4% dimethylsulphoxide (k) or in the presence of the DNA synthesis inhibitors aphidicolin and hydroxyurea25 (l, m). Note the rescue of the expanded floorplate (arrows in km) and defects in neural tube morphogenesis on blocking of cell division. The extent of ectopic cellular accumulations in PCP signalling mutants is outlined (hl). Scale bars, 50 microm.