Nature 437, 845-850 (6 October 2005) | doi:10.1038/nature04189; Received 11 August 2005; Accepted 30 August 2005

The afterglow of GRB 050709 and the nature of the short-hard big gamma-ray bursts

D. B. Fox1,2, D. A. Frail3, P. A. Price4, S. R. Kulkarni1, E. Berger5, T. Piran1,6, A. M. Soderberg1, S. B. Cenko1, P. B. Cameron1, A. Gal-Yam1, M. M. Kasliwal1, D.-S. Moon1, F. A. Harrison1, E. Nakar1, B. P. Schmidt7, B. Penprase8, R. A. Chevalier9, P. Kumar10, K. Roth11, D. Watson12, B. L. Lee13, S. Shectman5, M. M. Phillips5, M. Roth5, P. J. McCarthy5, M. Rauch5, L. Cowie4, B. A. Peterson7, J. Rich7, N. Kawai14, K. Aoki15, G. Kosugi15, T. Totani16, H.-S. Park17, A. MacFadyen18 & K. C. Hurley19

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Correspondence to: D. B. Fox1,2D. A. Frail3 Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to D.A.F. (Email: or D.B.F. (Email:


The final chapter in the long-standing mystery of the gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) centres on the origin of the short-hard class of bursts, which are suspected on theoretical grounds to result from the coalescence of neutron-star or black-hole binary systems. Numerous searches for the afterglows of short-hard bursts have been made, galvanized by the revolution in our understanding of long-duration GRBs that followed the discovery in 1997 of their broadband (X-ray, optical and radio) afterglow emission. Here we present the discovery of the X-ray afterglow of a short-hard burst, GRB 050709, whose accurate position allows us to associate it unambiguously with a star-forming galaxy at redshift z = 0.160, and whose optical lightcurve definitively excludes a supernova association. Together with results from three other recent short-hard bursts, this suggests that short-hard bursts release much less energy than the long-duration GRBs. Models requiring young stellar populations, such as magnetars and collapsars, are ruled out, while coalescing degenerate binaries remain the most promising progenitor candidates.


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