FIGURE 1. Schematic diagram of the cell configuration and reactor system used in the thermally self-sustaining micro-SOFCs.

From the following article:

A thermally self-sustained micro solid-oxide fuel-cell stack with high power density

Zongping Shao, Sossina M. Haile, Jeongmin Ahn, Paul D. Ronney, Zhongliang Zhan and Scott A. Barnett

Nature 435, 795-798(9 June 2005)



a, The disc-shaped fuel cell comprises an SDC electrolyte (approx 20 microm) supported on an Ni + SDC anode (0.7 mm) with BSCF + SDC (70:30 wt%) as the cathode (5–10 microm); a approx10-microm-thick Ru + CeO2 catalyst layer was coated onto the entire anode surface, with the exception of about 0.2 cm2 at the centre, over which the current collector (Ag paste) was placed; the entire cathode surface was covered with a layer of BSCF + Ag which served as the current collector (20–30 microm). b, The fuel-cell reactor comprises a removable ceramic thermal insulator or blanket, an inner quartz tube, and an outer quartz tube for introducing the gas mixture for the fuel cell. Component dimensions (L, width; ID, inner diameter; OD, outer diameter) are as indicated.