FIGURE 2. The Sumatran subduction zones with the overlying plates removed.

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Indonesian earthquake:  Earthquake risk from co-seismic stress

John McCloskey, Suleyman S. Nalbant and Sandy Steacy

Nature 434, 291(17 March 2005)



Calculated three-dimensional stresses have been projected on to a diagram of the three-dimensional structural geometry and geography of the region. Grey-scale values on the rupture plane represent the amount of slip in metres experienced on the southernmost 450 km of the Sumatra–Andaman earthquake. Colour-scale values represent the co-seismic stress changes on the Sunda-trench subduction zone and the Sumatra fault. Stress contours (in black) show 2-bar intervals, starting from a maximum of 8 bars on both faults. Essential features of the calculated stresses are robust to changes in the slip distribution in recent long-period inversions, which show continuation of slip to the north for a total rupture length of about 1,200 km (ref. 10). Black asterisk indicates location of the devastated Indonesian city of Banda Aceh.