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Nature 429, 33 (1 July 2004) | doi:10.1038/430033a

Pterosaurs as part of a spinosaur diet

Eric Buffetaut1, David Martill2 & François Escuillié3

A remarkable specimen has been discovered of an Early Cretaceous pterosaur that has a tooth embedded in one of its cervical vertebrae: the tooth has been identified as one from a spinosaurid theropod dinosaur. This fossil is direct evidence that spinosaurs included items other than fish in their diet.

  1. CNRS, 16 cour du Liégat, 75013 Paris, France
  2. School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth PO1 3QL, UK
  3. Eldonia, 03800 Gannat, France

Correspondence to: Eric Buffetaut1 Email:


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