FIGURE 2. Comparison of EPICA Dome C data with other palaeoclimatic records.

From the following article:

Eight glacial cycles from an Antarctic ice core

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Nature 429, 623-628(10 June 2004)



a, Insolation records4. Upper blue curve (left axis), mid-July insolation at 65° N; lower black curve (right axis), annual mean insolation at 75°S, the latitude of Dome C. b, deltaD from EPICA Dome C (3,000-yr averages). Vostok deltaD (red) is shown for comparison1 and some MIS stage numbers are indicated; the locations of the control windows (below 800-m depth) used to make the timescale are shown as diamonds on the x axis. c, Marine oxygen isotope record. The solid blue line is the tuned low-latitude stack of site MD900963 and ODP6773; to indicate the uncertainties in the marine records we also show (dashed red line) another record, which is a stack of seven sites for the last 400 kyr but consisting only of ODP site 677 for the earlier period2. Both records have been normalized to their long-term average. d, Dust from EPICA Dome C.