FIGURE 9. Variability of several evolutionary and genomic features along rat chromosome 10.

From the following article:

Genome sequence of the Brown Norway rat yields insights into mammalian evolution

Rat Genome Sequencing Project Consortium

Nature 428, 493-521(1 April 2004)



a, Rates of microdeletion and microinsertion events (less than 11 bp) in the mouse and rat lineages since their last common ancestor, revealing regional correlations. b, Rates of point substitution in the mouse and rat lineages. Red and green lines represent rates of substitution within each lineage estimated from sites common to human, mouse and rat. Blue represents the neutral distance separating the rodents, as estimated from rodent-specific sites. Note the regional correlation among all three plots, despite being estimated in different lineages (mouse and rat) and from different sites (mammalian versus rodent-specific). c, Density of SINEs inserted independently into the rat or mouse genomes after their last common ancestor. d, A + T content of the rat, and density in the rat genome of LINEs and SINEs that originated since the last common ancestor of human, mouse and rat. Pink boxes highlight regions of the chromosome in which substitution rates, A + T content and LINE density are correlated. Blue boxes highlight regions in which SINE density is high but LINE density is low.