FIGURE 1. Styloichthys changae gen. et sp. nov., a primitive fossil fish close to the last common ancestor of tetrapods and lungfish.

From the following article:

A primitive fish close to the common ancestor of tetrapods and lungfish

Min Zhu and Xiaobo Yu

Nature 418, 767-770(15 August 2002)



Anterior cranial portion (a, V8142.5; c, e, g, V8142.1, holotype; h, V8142.4), posterior cranial portion (b, V8142.24; d, f, V8142.21) and lower jaw (i, V8143.1). a,b, Dorsal view (photographs), showing the lyre-shaped trajectory of the supraorbital sensory canal, the jagged margin between the ethmosphenoid and otoccipital shields, and the relatively large pores on the cosmine surface. c,d, Ventral view (drawings), showing the large parasphenoid, large notochordal pit and canal, and the wide otoccipital with no vestibular fontanelle. eh, Lateral view (drawings and photographs), showing the eyestalk area, the postorbital pila, the processus connectens and the facets for the hyomandibular and the first infrapharyngealbranchial. Left anterior nostril (marked with asterisk in e) is reconstructed from well-preserved right anterior nostril, partially visible in c. i, Dorsal view (photograph with mirror-image drawing) showing the semilunar areas for three coronoids and the large adductor fossa. Scale bar, 2 mm.