Brief Communications

Nature 414, 863-864 (20 December 2001) | doi:10.1038/414863a

Health: Endothelin-1 synthesis reduced by red wine

Roger Corder1, Julie A. Douthwaite1, Delphine M. Lees1, Noorafza Q. Khan1, Ana Carolina Viseu dos Santos1, Elizabeth G. Wood1 & Martin J. Carrier1

Statistical evidence of reduced coronary heart disease in areas of high wine consumption has led to the widespread belief that wine affords a protective effect1, 2. Although moderate drinking of any alcohol helps to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease3, 4, there is no clear evidence that red wine confers an additional benefit5. Here we show that red wines strongly inhibit the synthesis of endothelin-1, a vasoactive peptide that is crucial in the development of coronary atherosclerosis6. Our findings indicate that components specific to red wine may help to prevent coronary heart disease.

  1. William Harvey Research Institute, Barts & the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6BQ, UK

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