FIGURE 4. SbwAFP model showing surface complementarity with the prism and basal planes of ice.

From the following article:

beta-Helix structure and ice-binding properties of a hyperactive antifreeze protein from an insect

Steffen P. Graether, Michael J. Kuiper, Stéphane M. Gagné, Virginia K. Walker, Zongchao Jia, Brian D. Sykes and Peter L. Davies

Nature 406, 325-328(20 July 2000)



a, A side view of the protein aligned above an ice prism plane. Circles depict the lattice positions of water oxygen atoms in ice. b, A view perpendicular to that of a. This view down the c-axis illustrates the match of adjacent loops to the ice surface. As oxygen atoms have the same interatomic distance along the a-axis in both basal and prism planes, the match to the protein is the same for both planes. c, The sbwAFP aligned above the basal plane, depicting the analogous surface match to that of the prism plane.