Nature 35, 271-271 (20 January 1887) | doi:10.1038/035271a0

Normal School of Science and Royal School of Mines



I AM directed to request that you will be so good as to allow me to state, through the medium of your columns, that the number of applications for admission to the Normal School of Science and Royal School of Mines at South Kensington, at the commencement of the present session, having been considerably in excess of the accommodation which the School can afford, it has become necessary to adopt some process of selection for the future. Hereafter, applications for admission should be sent to the Registrar of the School before the end of May, accompanied by a statement of the studies which the applicant has already pursued, the examinations he has passed, and the name of a teacher (or teachers) to whom reference maybe made. Such applications will be considered by the Dean and Council of the School, who will decide on them according to their merits. A knowledge of elementary mathematics, such as is required of all Royal Exhibitioners and national scholars, will be held to be of the first importance for those who desire admission to the course for the Associateship of the School; while for occasional students, who propose only to take up certain specific branches of science, some preliminary knowledge of them will have weight.