Nature 33, 93-93 (26 November 1885) | doi:10.1038/033093a0

University and Educational Intelligence


CAMBRIDGE.—The first award of the Smith’s Prizes under the new regulations has been made. They are now given to the Bachelors of Arts who send in the best essays on any subject in Mathematics or Natural Philosophy before the end of the Lent Term in the second year after each Mathematical Tripos. Thus the competitors this year took their degree in the Mathematical Tripos of 1883–84. The Smith’s Prizes this year are awarded to two essays declared equal in merit, viz. that of Mr. H. E. G. Gallop, Fellow of Trinity College, Second Wrangler in 1883, 1st Division in Part III., 1884, subject, “The Distribution of Electricity on the Circular Disk and Spherical Bowl”; and that of Mr. R. Lachlan, Fellow of Trinity College, 3rd Wrangler, 1883, 1st Division in Part III., 1884, subject “Systems of Circles.” It is further announced that the essay by Mr. C. Chree, Fellow of King’s College, on “Elastic Solids,” and that of Mr. A. N. Whitehead, Fellow of Trinity College, on the “General Equations of Hydrodynamics,” deserved honourable mention.