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Thursday 17 August 2017
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Nature 328, 313 - 318 (23 July 1987); doi:10.1038/328313a0

Primary structure of the receptor for calcium channel blockers from skeletal muscle

Tsutomu Tanabe*, Hiroshi Takeshima*, Atsushi Mikami*, Veit Flockerzi*, Hideo Takahashi*, Kenji Kangawa, Masayasu Kojima, Hisayuki Matsuo, Tadaaki Hirose & Shosaku Numa*

*Departments of Medical Chemistry and Molecular Genetics, Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto 606, Japan
Department of Biochemistry, Miyazaki Medical College, Miyazaki 889-16, Japan
Pharmaceutical Institute, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo 160, Japan

The complete amino-acid sequence of the receptor for dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers from rabbit skeletal muscle is predicted by cloning and sequence analysis of DNA complementary to its messenger RNA. Structural and sequence similarities to the voltage-dependent sodium channel suggest that in the transverse tubule membrane of skeletal muscle the dihydropyridine receptor may act both as voltage sensor in excitation-contraction coupling and as a calcium channel

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