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Monday 23 October 2017
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Review Article
Nature 306, 743 - 746 (22 December 1983); doi:10.1038/306743a0

Dating the Crucifixion

Colin J. Humphreys* & W. G. Waddington*

Department of Metallurgy and Science of Materials, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PH, UK
*Also Jesus College, Oxford (G.J.H.) and Department of Astrophysics,, Oxford (W.G.W.).

The date of the Crucifixion has been debated for many years, but there has been no agreement on the year nor the day. Astronomical calculations have now been used to reconstruct the Jewish calendar in the first century AD and to date a lunar eclipse that biblical and other references suggest followed the Crucifixion. The evidence points to Friday 3 April AD 33 as the date when Jesus Christ died.



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