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Saturday 23 September 2017
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Nature 277, 279 - 280 (25 January 1979); doi:10.1038/277279a0

A jet associated with M89


Anglo–Australian Observatory, P.O. Box 296, Epping 2121, New South Wales, Australia

AN optical jet, extending 10 arc min from the elliptical galaxy M89 (NGC4552) is reported here. Two low surface brightness shells partly surround the galaxy and a much fainter arc, 13 arc min away has also been detected. The jet was found on five deep plates of the Virgo cluster obtained by the 1.2-m UK Schmidt Telescope. Three sky-limited IIIaJ (bandpass 395–530 nm) and two IIIaF (630–685 nm) plates were taken on hypersensitised1 emulsions. A slightly different plate centre was used for two of the plates.



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