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Saturday 19 August 2017
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Letters to Nature
Nature 245, 338 (12 October 1973); doi:10.1038/245338a0

Turning the Left Cheek Examined using Modern Photography


Central Wesleyan College, Central South Carolina 29630

McManus and Humphrey's investigation into turning the left cheek in formal portraits1 from the sixteenth to twentieth centuries prompted me to check two 1972 school yearbooks for the same phenomenon. I found a similar tendency to expose the left side of the face more than the right. I found, however, no significant differences between sexes and seem to have discovered a difference between groups in left preference.



1. McManus, I. C., and Humphrey, N. K., Nature, 243, 271 (1973).
2. Easley, S. C., High School, Green and White, 45 (1972).
3. Central Wesleyan College Central, Central, S. C., Centralian, 38 (1972).

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