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Tuesday 22 August 2017
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Letters to Nature
Nature 228, 1093 (12 December 1970); doi:10.1038/2281093a0

Long Range Coherence and the Action of Enzymes


Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Liverpool.

SOME time ago it was proposed that the energy produced in biological activities is partly stored in various materials through excitation of coherent electrical vibrations (polarization waves). If strong enough, such excitations can be stabilized through non-linear effects leading to various types of deformations1,2. R. Ferreira (personal communication) has suggested that such considerations might be of importance for an understanding of the action of enzymes. In fact the properties of a model which I have considered recently (unpublished) seems to support this idea.



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3. Koshland, D. E., and Neet, K. E., Ann. Rev. Biochem., 37, 359, 380 (1968).

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