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Monday 25 September 2017
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Letters to Nature
Nature 190, 36 (01 April 1961); doi:10.1038/190036a0

Palæomagnetic Evidence relevant to a Change in the Earth's Radius


Department of Geology, University of Tasmania.

Cox and Doell1, applying a suggestion of Egyed2 to test the reality of the expansion of the Earth through geological time, have calculated the radius of the Earth implied by comparison of Permian palseomagnetic measurements in the Maymecha–Kotuy region of Siberia and localities in western Europe, and find that although the standard deviation of the individual results is very wide indeed, the average of the computed radii of the Earth is close to the present radius. From this they conclude that the substantial post-Palæozoic expansion of the globe deduced by me on tectonic grounds is unlikely.

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