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Sunday 20 August 2017
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Letters to Nature
Nature 179, 910 (04 May 1957); doi:10.1038/179910a0

Some Properties of Neptunium Metal


Research and Development Branch, Windscale Works, Sellafield, Cumberland. March 12.

A PRELIMINARY study has been made of the properties of a small piece of neptunium prepared elsewhere in these laboratories by a bomb reduction process. The principal impurities present in the metal were, by weight per cent, as follows: calcium, 0.34; uranium, 0.22; nickel, 0.06; magnesium, 0.03; chromium, 0.03; plutonium, 0.03; aluminium, 0.02; molybdenum, not more than 0.05; vanadium, not more than 0.06; figures for fluorine and oxygen, which were probably also present in small quantities, are not available. A powder photograph on unannealed filings agreed with that previously reported1 for the orthorhombic α-phase stable at room temperature.

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