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Tuesday 24 October 2017
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Letters to Nature
Nature 169, 963 - 964 (07 June 1952); doi:10.1038/169963b0

Resolving Power in Diffraction Microscopy with Special Reference to X-Rays


Unesco Technical Assistance Mission, Physics Department, University College, Baghdad. Jan. 28.

ROGERS'S1 elementary explanation of Gabor's2 technique for microscopy treats the hologram as a generalized Fresnel zone plate. I have used this idea for deriving a resolution criterion. Two point objects separated by a distance y produce two Fresnel zone patterns at the hologram with centres separated by a distance z, where z = p a y/(P aq a), if P a and q a are the distances from the illuminating point source of wave-length λa to the hologram film and from the film to the object, respectively. The subscript a refers to parameters of the ‘analysis’ while r will refer to the ‘reconstruction’.

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