Nature 164, 989-989 (10 December 1949) | doi:10.1038/164989c0

Zoology in the University of Liverpool: Prof. J. H. Orton, F.R.S


THE retirement of Prof. J. H. Orton from the Derby chair of zoology in the University of Liverpool is announced Prof. Orton has had a distinguished zoological career and is the doyen of marine biologists in Great Britain. He was on the staff of the Plymouth Laboratory of the Marine Biological Association from 1910 until 1929, when he was appointed to Liverpool. Before the First World War he had already done pioneer research on the ciliary feeding mechanisms of marine animals and on temperature in relation to breeding. After his return from war service, he devoted most of his attention to the biology of molluscs, more especially the oyster, on which he became a foremost authority. While at Plymouth he conducted for many years the Easter courses for university students, and many biologists will remember with gratitude his enthusiastic and inspiring encouragement in their student days. In recent years his influence has been very noticeable in the Liverpool area, especially in much ecological work which is being done on the shores of the Isle of Man and the surrounding waters. His wide knowledge of the biology of marine organisms, and especially of the British marine fauna, makes Prof. Orton a much valued member of the zoological community. All will therefore wish that he may be able to continue his researches for many years during his retirement.