Nature 161, 599-599 (17 April 1948) | doi:10.1038/161599a0

Blackett‘s Hypothesis of the Magnetic Field of Rotating Bodies



IN his paper on the magnetic field of rotating bodies, P. M. S. Blackett has shown1 that the relation (P/U)1 between magnetic moment P and angular moment U of a rotating body seems to be independent of its size and constitution (about 0.95 × 10â-15 E.M.U.) ; he also tried to explain the physical significance of this constant. He based his considerations on the well-known equation for the Bohr magneton, which is written
Blackett points out that the empirically determined relation
corresponds in order of magnitude with the well-known non-dimensional equation
(G is gravitational constant). For this reason, the new relationship
was introduced. By putting (1) in (3) he was able to show that
represents the magnetic moment of a rotating body as a function on one hand of the angular moment, and on the other of the gravitational constant and the velocity of light.