Nature 160, 662-664 (15 November 1947) | doi:10.1038/160662a0

The Institute of Seaweed Research



“HERE, Scotland has a chance. Eire, Norway America, Japan, have all, in varying ways, exploited their seaweed resources. We are only at the beginning, and this splendid research station gives us the opportunity not only of making up on these countries, but of surpassing them.” So declared the Right Hon. Joseph Westwood, Secretary of State for Scotland, when, on September 19, he officially opened the headquarters of the Scottish Seaweed Research Association—the Institute of Seaweed Research, Inveresk Gate, Musselburgh, Midlothian. Until recently a large mansion house, Inveresk Gate now contains adequate botanical, chemical, engineering and photographic laboratories, engineering workshops, a drawing office, a library, and conference and display rooms, apart from the necessary offices. The Institute stands in eleven acres of ground, and is situated sufficiently near Edinburgh, the University, and the sea to meet thb Association’s various needs.