Nature 155, 783-783 (30 June 1945) | doi:10.1038/155783c0

British Coal Utilisation Research Association: Prof. D. T. A. Townend


PROF. D. T. A. TOWNEND, Livesey professor of coal, gas and fuel industries at the University of Leeds, has been appointed director of the British Coal Utilisation Research Association. Educated at Bancrofts School, Prof. Townend held an exhibition at the East London (now Queen Mary) College, where, after war service, he graduated in 1920. Following post-graduate study in fuel and chemical engineering at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, he was associated there for many years with the late Prof. W. A. Bone and Prof. D. M. Newitt in investigations into combustion and high-pressure problems; and held successively a Salters research fellowship and a Rockefeller international research fellowship. He is a leading author in the field of combustion, and in 1933 discovered the two-stage ignition phenomenon of higher hydrocarbons, etc. The Livesey chair which Prof. Townend has occupied for seven years was endowed by the gas industry in 1910, since when the Department has collaborated closely in research with this industry. Prof. Townend has served on the Council of the Gas Research Board since its inception in 1939 and is an honorary member of the Institution of Gas Engineers; he is also chairman of the Yorkshire Section of the Institute of Fuel. During the War he has served on a number of Government committees and his Department has made notable contributions to the war effort.