Nature 15, 116-116 (07 December 1876) | doi:10.1038/015116c0

The Age of the Rocks of Charnwood Forest



IN reference to the letters which have appeared in NATURE (vol. xv. p. 97) allow me to say, in the first place, that I neither attached, nor intended to attach, any discredit to Mr. Woodward’s very useful manual for the statements it contains in reference to the age of the Charnwood Forest Rocks. On the other hand, I am gratified to find that so competent an observer as the Rev. T. G. Bonney concurs with me in the view “that there is not a particle of evidence for their Laurentian age.” This was the special point of my letter; and I fail to see that Prof. Green’s hypothetical inferences from certain sections at Markfield (of which he fears that he has kept no record) are of much value in the question. Prof. Green, however, admits that the great mass of these rocks give no evidence of Laurentian age.