Nature 149, 425-425 (18 April 1942) | doi:10.1038/149425b0

The Twin Marchant Calculating Machine and its Application to Survey Problems

S. L.


IT would be difficult to exaggerate the importance at the present time of easy and rapid methods of solving the day-to-day mathematical problems that arise in military survey work. A large number of such methods, many developed by Dr. Comrie himself, depended in the past on the use of the German Brunsviga Twin 13z calculating machine. The fact that this machine is now, naturally, unobtainable might well have seriously handicapped our fighting forces. It is therefore extremely gratifying to learn that a substitute has been provided by the device of building together in pairs the well-known American Marchant machines. As Dr. Comrie remarks, this improvisation does not produce the ideal twin machine, but at least it gives us a serviceable and urgently needed war weapon.