Nature 146, 125-125 (27 July 1940) | doi:10.1038/146125d0

Air Raid Precautions


FOLLOWING the issue of the popular pamphlet “Your Home as an Air Raid Shelter”, of which more than 700,000 copies have been sold, the Ministry of Home Security has now issued a second pamphlet called “Air Raids: What You Must Know: What You Must Do”. This pamphlet is a complete ‘potted” A.R.P. course for the general public. It tells the ordinary man and woman everything he can need to know for the protection of himself and his family in air raids, and to enable him to help his neighbours. It deals with such subjects as protection against bombs, behaviour during and after a raid, how to deal with incendiary bombs and war gases, and contains a simple first aid course. It tells the householder all about the warning system, how to make repairs to his house after a raid, and contains a wealth of practical information on all these subjects. The book is fully illustrated with photographs and diagrams. It can be obtained through any newsagent, price 3d., or price 4d., including postage, from the Stationery Office, York House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. The pamphlet will be invaluable to members of factory and other A.R.P. squads.