Nature 143, 436-437 (11 March 1939) | doi:10.1038/143436b0

Present Condition of a Twelve-Year Old Pure Strain of Carcinoma Cells in vitro



ON February 23, 1927, five small fragments of a mouse adenocarcinoma (Frankfurt strain of Ehrlich) were cultivated as hanging drop cultures1. With slight modifications, the culture medium used has remained practically the same throughout this period of twelve years. The medium used for cover-glass cultures consisted of one volume of a plasma mixture (equal parts of chick and rat plasma) and one volume of embryonic tissue juice of chick. For cultures in Carrel flasks, the solid medium was composed of equal parts of dilute chick and rat plasma coagulated by a drop of embryonic tissue juice; the supernatant liquid phase, 0.5 c.c., consists of 20 per cent embryonic tissue juice (chick), 20 per cent rat serum and 60 per cent ‘Tyrodc’ solution.



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