Nature 139, 830-830 (15 May 1937) | doi:10.1038/139830b0

Prof. A. O. Rankine, O.B.E., F.R.S.


IT is announced that Prof. A. O. Rankine, professor of physics in the Imperial College of Science and Technology since 1919, will resign that position at the end of the present academic year in order to join the staff of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company as chief physicist. Prof. Rankine has for some years acted as geophysical adviser to the Company and in his new position he will take charge of all physical investigations carried out by the Company. The appointment is another interesting and significant example of the migration from the academic to the industrial world of a distinguished man of science, and is evidence of the ever-growing importance of science and scientific research in modern industrial development. It may be remembered that Sir John Cadman, the chairman of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, was himself at one time a professor in the University of Birmingham. During his chairmanship of the Company, since 1927, notable work in the development of the relatively new science of geophysics has been carried out since 1924 by the Company, which introduced geophysical surveying in the country formerly known as Persia and now to be called Iran. In the development of geophysical science, Prof. Rankine has played a notable part, and will no doubt find in his new sphere increased scope and opportunity for further advances.