Nature 134, 493-493 (29 September 1934) | doi:10.1038/134493a0

The Sir John Cass Technical Institute


THE Sir John Cass Technical Institute, Aldgate, in the City of London, announces the completion of a new wing adding some seventy-five feet to the frontage of the main building, and providing accommodation for new library and reading rooms, a student’s common room, a geology room and museum, and laboratories for metallurgy and pyro-metry, assaying and mechanical testing and engraving, and a research laboratory. The new wing is to be opened on October 10 by the Earl of Athlone, Chancellor of the University of London. The Institute provides instruction in pure science as well as in the biochemistry of fermentation, petroleum technology, and fuel technology, in arts and crafts, tailoring and languages, and includes a Nautical School. Sir John Cass, to whose charitable interest in education the Institute owes its origin, was an alderman of the Ward of Portsoken from 1710 until 1718 and sat in Parliament as one of the representatives of the City of London.