Nature 133, 528-528 (07 April 1934) | doi:10.1038/133528b0

Royal Irish Academy


AT the stated meeting on March 16 of the Royal Irish Academy, the following members were elected: Prof. K. G. Emelis, professor of physics, Queen’s University of Belfast; Prof. T. T. Flynn, professor of zoology, Queen’s University of Belfast; Dr. R. H. Hunter, senior lecturer in anatomy, Queen’s University of Belfast; Rev. J. Hynes, professor of archaeology, University College, Galway; Rev. G. V. Jourdan, professor of ecclesiastical history, University of Dublin; Prof. M. F. Liddell, professor of German, University of Dublin; Mr. C. Blake Whelan, archaeologist. The Abbe Victor Gregoire has been elected an honorary member in the Department of Science and Prof. Ellis H. Minns, Prof. Michael Rostovtzeff and Prof. Jean B. Vendryes honorary members in the Department of Polite Literature and Antiquities.