Nature 109, 523-524 (22 April 1922) | doi:10.1038/109523a0

Prof. Philippe A. Guye



BY the death of Prof. Philippe Auguste Guye, on March 27, Switzerland loses one of the most eminent of her savants, and the world of science is the poorer by the passing away, in the full maturity of his intellectual powers, of an assiduous and successful cultivator of natural philosophy, distinguished alike for the range and profundity of his knowledge, the force of his genius, his originality, his ingenuity and remarkable experimental skill. Geneva has long been a home of science; some of her citizens are among the most honoured of its votaries, and Guye now assumes his due position on a roll already made illustrious by the names of Saussure, De La Rive, and Marignac.