• Timeline

    The history of Nature spans more than 14 decades. Read the first ever issue, explore stories of scientific discovery and meet the people behind the publishing adventure decade-by-decade with our illustrated interactive timelines.

  • Video

    In an exclusive series of videos, historians of science and Nature employees past and present discuss how the journal evolved into the magazine it is today.

  • Best of Nature

    What is your favourite Nature moment and why? Or have you seen something that everyone else has missed? Join the community to nominate and debate your favourite papers, letters and oddities here.

  • Editors & Eras

    There have been only seven editors throughout Nature's long history. Specially commissioned essays investigate some of the challenges and issues that they faced during their tenures.

  • A Century of Nature

    Nature has been privileged to publish some of the greatest scientific discoveries. Read the original papers and commentaries on their significance in selected chapters of this book available online for the first time.

  • Histories

    Much has been written about Nature, and the personalities and publishing decisions that have forged the journal over the years. Further resources in the shape of articles, references, online links and more are collected here.

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