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Saturday 24 June 2017
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Cells utilize RNA interference (RNAi) to regulate protein expression in many contexts. The discovery of RNAi has transformed our understanding of gene regulation as well as our ability to manipulate it. Gathered here is a selection of research and comment on RNAi published in the pages of Nature, including groundbreaking research from today's issue. This focus also brings together news and reviews from across the Nature Research, and a fantastic animation offers the chance to view the RNAi process in action.


Therapeutic silencing of an endogenous gene by systemic administration of modified siRNAs
Soutschek J. et al.
Nature 432, 173 - 178 (11 Nov 2004)

Processing of primary microRNAs by the Microprocessor complex
Denli A.M. et al.
Nature 432, 231 - 235 (11 Nov 2004)

The Microprocessor complex mediates the genesis of microRNAs
Gregory R.I. et al.
Nature 432, 235 - 240 (11 Nov 2004)

A pancreatic islet-specific microRNA regulates insulin secretion 226
Poy M.N. et al.
Nature 432, 226 - 230 (11 Nov 2004)

Medicine: A cholesterol connection in RNAi
Rossi J.J.
Nature 432, 155 - 156 (11 Nov 2004)

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View the RNAi process in motion in this vivid computer animation, specially created for Nature Reviews by Arkitek Studios.
RNAi is a hot topic in research and therapy, which examines in this special In Focus collection.

Recently published Reviews, Perspectives and Highlights on RNAi from across the Nature Research journals.

A collection of reviews from Nature exploring the ramifications and potential uses of RNAi.

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