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Thursday 18 April 2019
GM world view

Today, four countries account for 99% of the world's commercially grown transgenic crops. But that is changing — policies are being thrashed out, laws drawn up, and seeds sown. Here we show how GM is taking root. Click on the map for information on the big hitters in the global GM scene.

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North America Europe Asia
Mexica Africa India Asia
South America Australasia
Area of land planted with commercial transgenic crops by country 2002 (million hectares)
30 - 40
10 - 15
1 - 5
less than 1
officially 0
Worldwide cultivation of the four main commercial GM crops in 2002 (million hectares)
graph graph key
Click map or links below for more details:
North America
South America

Source: C. James Global Status of Commercialized Transgenic Crops: (Preview);
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