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Thursday 19 October 2017

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Fossil fuels
A natural gas platform at sunset
The exploitation of fossil fuels to satisfy the majority of our energy needs impacts on the environment, economics, and politics — and drives continued and often heated public debate. Here Nature presents a web focus on some of the many implications of hydrocarbon fuel usage. This includes collections of reviews, features and original research on the economic, social and environmental impact of fossil fuels, the science of fuel formation and extraction, and future energy resources.

Hydrocarbons and society

Hydrocarbons and the evolution of human culture
C. Hall et al.
Nature 426, 318-322
(20 November 2003)

Integration of geoscience and engineering in the oil industry — just a dream?
B. A. Stankiewicz
Nature 426, 360-363
(20 November 2003)

Bj�rn Lomborg: The man they love to hate
Bj�rn Lomborg is reviled by green activists and has come under ferocious attack from many environmental scientists. Just why does he provoke such strong reactions, and how influential might his opinions become? Jim Giles investigates.
Nature 423, 216-218 (15 May 2003)

Global energy prospects
S. Young
Nature 414, 487-488 (16 May 2002)

Reservoir formation

Organic-inorganic interactions in petroleum-producing sedimentary basins
J. S. Seewald
Nature 426, 327-333
(20 November 2003)

Understanding the thermal evolution of deep-water continental margins
N. White et al.
Nature 426, 334-343
(20 November 2003)

Biological activity in the deep subsurface and the origin of heavy oil
I. M. Head et al.
Nature 426, 344-352
(20 November 2003)


Hydrocarbons and the environment

The long-term carbon cycle, fossil fuels and atmospheric composition
R. A. Berner
Nature 426, 323-326
(20 November 2003)

How to clean a beach
As oil-spill specialists continue to tackle the Prestige slick, they are drawing on knowledge from decades of clean-up operations. John Whitfield reports from Spain's Galician coast.
Nature 422, 464-466 (3 April 2003)

Reducing uncertainty about carbon dioxide as a climate driver
L. R. Kump
Nature 419, 188-190
(12 September 2002)


Beyond oil

Fundamental principles and applications of natural gas hydrates
E. D. Sloan Jr
Nature 426, 353-359
(20 November 2003)

Alternative energy technologies
M. S. Dresselhaus and I. L. Thomas
Nature 414, 332-337
(15 November 2001)

Hydrogen lifts off — with a heavy load
P. M. Grant
Nature 424, 129-130 (10 July 2003)

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