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Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Physicist, biologist, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, and pioneer of consciousness studies; Francis Crick died of colon cancer on 28 July 2004 at the age of 88. Here, Crick's life and work is celebrated in a special web focus. A selection of his most important research and writings, along with additional reflective work about the discovery of DNA, is presented below and available for free.

From DNA to consciousness � Crick's legacy
Nature 430, 597 (Aug 2004)
Francis Crick: DNA code-breaker dies at 88

Is alpha-keratin a coiled coil?
Crick F.H.
Nature 170, 882 - 883 (Nov 1952)

Molecular structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid
Watson, J. D. and Crick, F. H. C.
Nature 171, 737 (April 1953)

Genetical implications of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid
Watson, J. D. and Crick, F. H. C.
Nature 171, 964 - 967 (May 1953)

Structure of polyglycine II
Crick F.H. and Rich A.
Nature 176, 780 - 781 (Oct 1955)

The structure of collagen
Crick F.H. and Rich A.
Nature 176, 915 - 916 (Nov 1955)

Structure of small viruses
Crick F.H. and Watson J.D.
Nature 177, 473 - 475 (March 1956)

General nature of the genetic code for proteins
Crick F.H., Barnett L., Brenner S. and Watts-Tobin R.J.
Nature 192, 1227 - 1232 (1961)

UGA: a third nonsense triplet in the genetic code.
Brenner S., Barnett L., Katz E.R. & Crick F.H.
Nature 213, 449 - 450 (Feb 1967)

Molecular biology in the year 2000
Crick F.H.
Nature 228, 613 - 615 (Nov 1970)

Central dogma of molecular biology
Crick F.H.
Nature 227, 561 - 563 (Aug 1970)

The double helix: a personal view
Crick F.H.
Nature 248, 766 - 769 (April 1974)

Selfish DNA: the ultimate parasite
Orgel L.E. & Crick F.H.
Nature 284, 604 - 607 (Apr 1980)

The function of dream sleep
Crick F.H & Mitchison G.
Nature 304, 111 - 114 (Jul 1983)

Commentary: The recent excitement about neural networks
Crick F.H. and Koch C.
Nature 337, 129 (Jan 1989)

Are we aware of neural activity in primary visual cortex?
Crick F.H. and Koch C.
Nature 375, 121 - 123 (May 1995)

Backwardness of human neuroanatomy
Crick F.H. and Jones E.
Nature 361, 109 - 110 (Jan 1993)

News and views: Visual perception: rivalry and consciousness
Crick F.H.
Nature 379, 485 - 486 (Feb 1996)

Hypothesis: Constraints on cortical and thalamic projections: the no-strong-loops hypothesis
Crick F.H. and Koch C.
Nature 391, 245 - 250 (Jan 1998)

Concepts: The zombie within
Crick F.H. and Koch C.
Nature 411, 893 (June 2001)

A framework for consciousness
Crick F.H. and Koch C.
Nature Neuroscience 6, 119 - 126 (Feb 2003)

Editorial: Crick's immodest ambitions
Nature 422, 455 (April 2003)

Insight: The double helix - 50 years
Nature 421, 396 - 453 (January 2003)

Web focus: Double Helix: 50 years of DNA

The Discovery of DNA
Five classic papers from Nature that describe and provide evidence for the double helix being the structure of DNA, and one from The Journal of Experimental Medicine that has been described as the "defining moment in nucleic acid research".
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