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Monday 18 March 2019
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Declan Butler
19 March 2004

Experiments in publishing
From Nature 9 September 2004

The pros and cons of Open Access
Kate Worlock
13 September 2004

The orthodoxy of Open Access
John Ewing
13 September 2004

Journal publishing: what do authors want?
Ian Rowlands, Dave Nicholas and Paul Huntingdon
13 September 2004

What do societies do with their publishing surpluses?
Christine Baldwin and Sally Morris
13 September 2004

Electronic publishing models and the public good
Bernard Rous
13 September 2004

Britain decides 'open access' is still an open issue
Declan Butler
From Nature 22 July 2004

The best business model for scholarly journals:
an economist's perspective

Mark J. McCabe and Christopher M. Snyder
16 July 2004

A professional society's take on access to the
scientific literature

Bettie Sue Masters and Judith S. Bond
8 July 2004

An evidence-based assessment of the 'author pays' model
Donald W. King and Carol Tenopir
University of Pittsburgh/Tennessee
25 June 2004

PNAS and Open Access
Nicholas R. Cozzarelli
University of California at Berkeley
25 June 2004

The primacy of authors in achieving Open Access
Peter Suber
10 June 2004

Not so quiet on a Western front
Daniel Greenstein
University of California
28 May 2004

Can 'author pays' journals compete with 'reader pays'?
T.C. Bergstrom and C.T Bergstrom
Universities of California, and Washington
20 May 2004

The green and the gold roads to Open Access
Stevan Harnad et al.
17 May 2004

Can Open Access be viable?
The Institute of Physics' experience

John Haynes
IOP Publishing Ltd
7 May 2004

Do Open Access journals have impact?
James Pringle
Thomson ISI
7 May 2004

CrossRef launches CrossRef Search, powered By Google
Ed Pentz
29 April 2004

Analysing the scientific literature in its online

Jon Kleinberg
Cornell University
29 April 2004

Open Access needs to get 'back to basics'
Leo Waaijers
23 April 2004

Open Access ignoring lessons of dot-com bubble
Marie Meyer
22 April 2004

Is free affordable?
John B. Hawley
Journal of Clinical Investigation
15 April 2004

Open access by the article: an idea whose time has come?
Thomas J. Walker
University of Florida
15 April 2004

How journals can 'realistically' boost access
Ira Mellman
Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Cell Biology
8 April 2004

Experimenting with Open Access publishing
Martin Richardson and Claire Saxby
Oxford University Press
8 April 2004

On being scientific about science publishing
Ann Okerson
Associate University Librarian,Yale University
1 April 2004

The myth of 'unsustainable' Open Access journals
Jan Velterop
BioMed Central
1 April 2004

Open access and learned Societies
Will open access prove a blessing or a curse to learned societies?
Kate Worlock
25 March 2004

Why electronic publishing means people will pay different prices
Andrew Odlyzko
Digital Technology Center, University of Minnesota
25 March 2004

Open access and not-for-profit publishers
Sally Morris
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
19 March 2004

Open Access: yes, no, maybe
Karen Hunter
19 March 2004

Universities' own electronic repositories yet to impact on Open Access
Mark Ware
Publishing Consultant
19 March 2004

PLoS co-founder defends free dissemination of peer-reviewed journals online
Patrick Brown
Public Library of Science
19 March 2004

Science editor-in-chief warns of PLoS growing pains
Donald Kennedy
19 March 2004

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