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We strongly encourage readers to contribute their thoughts, opinions and facts by e-mail, and will consider publishing these contributions in the forum.
The forum will be moderated by Declan Butler, European correspondent, Nature and Tony Delamothe, web editor of the British Medical Journal.
Contributions are not peer-reviewed.

Feedback submission guidelines

  • If feedback concerns in particular an article already published in the forum, contributors should indicate this, and the name and author of the article it refers to.
  • Items should in general be 750 words or shorter. (Contributors wishing to contribute a longer article, should first send a synopsis to Declan Butler via ).
  • Contributors should ensure they provide a full postal address, e-mail, phone and fax number, including full current contact details if the author is not at his or her usual address after submission.
  • Please mark the subject line of the e-mail with "Contribution to Future e-access to published research."

Contributions and inquiries should be submitted by e-mail to (with accents on names and places clearly indicated).