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    A host of the world’s richest people are partially responsible for the state of Washington’s rise as a leader in global public health research.

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    The first issue of Nature was published in November 1869. That makes 2019 our 150th anniversary year. Here, we are collecting articles that reflect Nature’s past, present and future, as well as that of the global research community we serve.

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    Conferences remain an essential part of any scientist's life.

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    As the kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes significant strides in scientific research in line with Saudi Vision 2030, KAIMRC has been at the forefront of advancing medicine.

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    Long considered to be permanent, the extensive scarring found in livers with cirrhosis is now thought to be reversible.

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    Nature highlights the people, events and discoveries that made a difference through science in 2018.

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    China’s rise is the story of the century in science.

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    After a roller-coaster ride of hype and disappointment, the decades-long effort to cure diseases by repairing or replacing faulty genes is starting to yield useful treatments. Diseases that have defied treatment could be reversed by a one-time fix to a faulty gene.

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    India’s pharmaceutical sector has long been dominated by major generics manufacturers.

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    Terminology and concepts from computer science and engineering are becoming more common in biology labs as scientists re-engineer the activity of cells for specific applications.

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