For Authors

Guidelines to preparing and submitting a manuscript

Each of the sections below provides essential information for authors. We recommend that you take the time to read them before submitting a contribution to Nature. A site map of our guide to authors may help you navigate to the appropriate section. A series of short (1–2 page) information sheets is also available for downloading, which can be accessed in full via the panel to the right or in separate parts throughout the guide to authors.

Getting published in Nature

Please read this section before submitting anything to Nature. This section explains Nature's editorial criteria, and how manuscripts are handled by our editors between submission and acceptance for publication.

Manuscript formatting guide

This section provides a description of all types of contribution published in Nature, and detailed instructions for preparing, formatting and writing all types of manuscripts published by Nature.


This section contains information about submitting your article to Nature, including:

Forms and declarations

On this page are the forms to download and complete before publication. These include ‘licence to publish’ forms, manuscript checklists, structure templates and links to reprint order forms.